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With The Right Photography, Your Products Will Sell Themselves

High-quality product photography is a necessary tool for driving sales to your e-Commerce shop. It is the best way to get your customers engaged with your products.

You always want to make sure that your product photos are effectively drawing the attention of your intended audience. It’s simple; your images sell your products online. Because your customers aren’t able to examine the item in its physical state, your pictures create a substantial difference in customer’s purchasing decisions.

The best method for staying profitable as an online retailer is to make sure that your customers can engage with your products online. Think about the last time you purchased a product on Amazon or other online retailers. The first criteria for your purchasing decisions came from what you saw in the images. Before you even attempt to read any product descriptions online, it is the photo of the product that stands out the most. Think about how many times you left an online store because their products did not look appealing on their website or online shop.

You must always remember that your e-commerce website is your “storefront.” You have to treat your customers the same way as you would when they walked into your physical store. In a store, customers begin their shopping experience by looking and feeling every item. You must be able to replicate this experience online through your e-commerce platform.

Display images that fully illustrate your products. Make sure that all photos are color corrected and look precisely how they would in real life. If your product has specific details that you want to display, make sure you include a few closeups and macro shots. This way customers can easily understand the features of your product and make a purchase quicker.

To provide you the best photos for your products, we get to know your business first. Our team will study your brand and understand the vision of your products. It is important to remember whom you are selling your product to and what type of details your customers are looking to see before making a purchase.

Research shows that online shops with high-quality photos and detailed description have 65% more sales than shops with low-resolution images. You must pay close attention to what your customers want to see. Think back to all the questions your customers have asked you about your product in the past. How are you able to eliminate some of those questions by displaying better images and more clear visuals on your website and e-commerce platform.

At picsonwhite, we commit to delivering the best quality photography for your products. Whether you own a restaurant or just started your online store, or already have an established retail business. We can help you tell the story of your brand and product much more efficiently with high resolution and print ready images. With our services, you will feel more confident about your product and your sales team will be encouraged to introduce your products to new leads more often. As online purchases increase through mobile devices, customer’s habits are changing. Buyers tend to look through products faster and pay more attention to pictures than ever before. So do not miss out on any sales opportunities by displaying images that don’t fully represent your products.

So why wait? Contact us today and become the best brand in your industry! We specialize in food photography, cannabis photography, and products. Send us a quick message here and see how we can improve your brand identity online. We’re always delighted to start working on new and exciting projects!