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Your leading choice for cannabis photography for dispensaries, online shops, membership clubs and more.

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Your products will sell themselves with our professional photography!

With quality product photography you will not only capture your customers spending power, but you’ll also tell the story of your product!

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Increase your online sales by over 50% with professional cannabis photography.

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Cannabis Photography. Fundamental Tips

When was the last time you purchased a product online? Think about the experience as a consumer. We see a lot of low-quality images as we navigate the dispensary stores online. This results in a bad shopping experience for customers. So we wanted to share a few fundamental tips about product images which you can benefit from.

Product Picture Size: “Pictures should be at least one thousand pixels in either width or height”. Amazon for example urges 2560 pixels wide.

Most image editing software includes tools which suggest these dimensions. Resizing graphics to be bigger than 100% reduces image quality. Steer clear of any pixilated or fuzzy images, as a result of recompression or upsizing. To enhance your product sales online, you need your product images to be without watermarks or text on a white backdrop. Display your product fully and have it take up as much of the image as possible. Let your customers get personal with your product and feel it!

We occasionally attempt to take our product photos outside. This way we can get a good stream of light and not worry about lighting as much as we do in the studio. Daylight is free. Use it.

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Pictures convert to sales on your online store. Always pick the best composition for your products. Think about what angle reflects your product best. You know this if you have been taking photos on Instagram. Customers are always searching for graphics before text. Your products need to always standout.

Remember to label your images with related keywords. Search engines look for picture titles. For optimal results, images should be sent to ordering platforms with minimal or no compression. For JPEG images, save them in the best quality level you can. For TIFF files, don’t use any document compression. Remove layers from all images before submitting. Always have fun and relish the process as much as the final result.

Our agency provides all the creative solutions and skills you are looking for to make those cannabis photos pop!

We produce appealing product imagery for dispensaries, online shops, websites, and more!

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About #picsonwhite

As a cannabis shop owner, you are likely accepting orders online. As competition grows in the cannabis industry, it is becoming more challenging for retailers to differentiate their products from the competition.

One of the critical factors is having high-quality pictures of your products. A perfect picture presents a lasting impression on your customers by capturing their imagination. Current research shows that retailers without photos on their online shop, sell 50% less than their competitors.

Here at PicsonWhite, we provide professional photography at an affordable price to businesses worldwide. Many retailers have used our photos on their store, online shop, Shopify store, and website. You can increase your sales up to 80% by featuring our images on your online store.

Your leading choice for cannabis photography for dispensaries, memberships clubs, online stores, and more.